Our Portfolio

We take pride in our work, mistakes as much as accomplishments. Here’s our work, warts and all.

We are human, after all.


We designed and developed a few and enhanced designs on existing applications that together serve as SAAS fleet management platform.

Kumwe Hub

Kumwe Hub entrusted us with enhancing their online platform, aiming to amplify their impact across African communities. With our design expertise, we’ve optimized their website to seamlessly connect investors with clients. Kumwe Hub serves as the vital intermediary, facilitating impactful connections and fostering meaningful change across the continent.


We conducted a deep analysis of a solo staking provider’s product and services, their current website performance and their business goals, and then reimagined the user experience of their business and their website.

Night and Day Decor

Night & Day Decor approached us with a request to redesign their company’s website and boost their online presence. Through the redesign of the website and years of support we managed to make their online presence most relevant for greater Toronto area.


We had the honor of participating in the #oceandecade by UNESCO, providing design and development for the GenOcean campaign website.

Elephant Hop

We developed a brand identity for an IAM provider, and then responded to the content with a clean website layout.

Drone Legends

We designed, developed & branded the first in a series of teacher-delivered drone curriculum products.

SuperYacht NFT's

An NFT marketplace that links together NFT purchases with real-life events and products.


UX UI Design  and UI development for E-Commerce integrations middleware platform that allows users to sync the data between the marketplaces, web shops, CRMS, ERPS, etc. seamlessly.



Kiwi Insure